Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lime Rock Rocks!

Lime Rock was a great experience. Very short, very fast track! Challenging to understand, internalize and race but a ton of fun when you get it! A lot of very’s are needed to explain Lime Rock! It’s a 1.5 mile track contoured to follow the landscape of NW Connecticut. Fast, tight with a hard right hander up hill and a hard right hander on the other side going down. A ton of fun!

Zach and I were very pleased with the progress I made learning the track and getting into race. The normal practice day, usually on Thursday, was not available so we practiced and qualified on Friday and raced on Saturday. The pressure was on to learn the track very quickly and it went well. My times steadily dropped through the day on Friday and my best time was 26 laps into the race.

I took the checker flag, drove the car into the paddock and shut it off, whole and untouched, which is big at Lime Rock. I started 12th and finished 12th. After running off briefly in Turn 2 with about 10 minutes left, the toe on the front of the car went out by several degrees, which made the car very difficult to drive in the corners.

During the race, Zach coached on the radio and made a real difference in how well I ran. Overall it was a very fun and successful weekend. Now we need to put it all together, finish well and have all the progress show up in the finishing places.

While Marty and I were in the tower on the front straight watching the start of Zach’s Street Tuner race, Michael Lauterborn, a freelance writer from Connecticut interviewed Marty and I about our entry into Grand Am. Fun stuff! On the Compass360home page, the picture of us and a link to the story are 3-5 items down as you scroll the page: I’m so glad Marty was able to make at least one of the races. Makes the experience all that much more real when we are talking about it at home.

Good times and rock and roll with the boys (and one girl, Jamie Eversley) at Lutz Motorsports Industries and Compass 360 Racing!

On to Watkins Glen!!!!

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